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Grandfather Swedish Clock

Early 19th Century Northern Swedish Grandfather Clock with Scraped Teal Finish

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Early 19th Century Northern Swedish Grandfather Clock

with Scraped Teal Finish


A 19th century Swedish painted wood clock. This tall antique clock from northern Sweden features an exaggerated and raised crest, and accented with trim molding about the neck and waist.

The belly has inset trim, mimicking it's shape and is subtly curved with a circular glass center, allowing the pendulum to be viewed.

The clock rests on a flat base. The clock has been dry scraped, showing much of the original wood finish throughout. This clock would be a wonderful decorative object.

Though it retains it's original face and movement, it is not currently in working condition.

However, it will be quartzed to keep perfect time,
at no extra cost.

A quartz battery would then be added behind the face.

The original hands are too heavy to carry the quartz movement, so they would be changed to black hands, similar in style.

The clock would then chime (the chime can be turned off even though the sound is quite delightful).

A pendulum selected to work with the quartz movement would be added behind the glass opening.

This Swedish 19th century clock would work well to decorate any tall narrow wall space, perhaps in a living room or entry hallway.

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